Download Chat Client

Download Video Plug-in

(Download this Plugin into Program Files /Spark/Plugin  folder).



     VIDEO  and  VOICE  a Click Away from  ASIANET BROADBAND! ! !
     Now you can See and Talk to your inmates exclusively  FREE  for Asianet Broadband Subscribers.
    The customers who have availed the Asianet Broaband Plans – Coolnet499,Coolnet 999,
Coolnet 1499, Rapid 1350 and Rapid 2499 can use the facility.In order to get the Access Login Id   please
    contact the Asianet Broadband Customer Care.                
   Steps to Activate the Video Chat

   1.         Download and install the Client Chat Software.

   2.         Download then Copy and Paste the Video Plugin to /ProgramFiles/Spark/Plugin.

   3.         The customer Chat Login ID will be same as Email ID.

   4.         Use  Server  Name as  :

   5.         Please change the intial Password after Login from Spark ->Preferences

   6.         To add a contact , select Contacts -> Add Contact, enter Username whom you want  to contact and 
               click on add.